My Photography

DSC_0137_1About two years ago I began to get very interested in photography. I spent many hours outside trying to capture beautiful images from nature, practicing different photography techniques, and reading as much as I could about how to take photographs and the many mechanisms of DSLRs. After some months, my husband and I bought a Nikon D5100, I was immediately hooked and had a DSC_0002difficult time parting from our new camera. Over time I began to refine my photography. My focus turned to macro photography and more specifically flowers and insects. This past christmas my husband bought me a zoom lens with a macro setting, a wonderful lens for an amateur DSC_0098photographer, this lens has enabled me to take my photography to the next level. Suddenly, flowers have become sharper, colors brighter, and compositions more interesting.

Because photographs are so important to demonstrating food I have tried to capture the fruits of my creations for you through my photography. Since I am an amateur photographer I hope you will excuse the not-so-good photos. Nevertheless, I hope that the photographs of my food will inspire you to try these same recipes and dishes at home.