About Me

A Taste of BrazilHello everyone, my name is Saskia Smeele Ghirotti and in May 2013 my husband and I moved to Brazil. My husband was moving back to Brazil after having lived in the USA for the past four years, and I was moving to Brazil to finally settle down in a country that I have grown to love over the last eight years. We moved from Boston MA to a small, very rural, organic farm situated in the Serra da Mantiqueira in the south of Minas Gerais. My husband is an organic farmer and I am a social worker in the process of finishing a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management. We have moved to our rural farm in the hope to sell our organic produce and work in the rural community that is now our home.

I first came to Brazil in 2005 at the age of eighteen. During the summer of 2005 I met my husband on an organic strawberry farm in upstate New York. After only a few weeks of knowing each other I decided to make the trip to Brazil and work together with him on his organic farm. When I arrived in Brazil at the beginning of the spring (September in the northern hemisphere) I knew immediately that I was going to love this country. Living in the mountains, experiencing amazing food, friendly people, beautiful beaches, and the lush green was enough to make anyone want to stay here forever.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay in Brazil forever at that time and after six-months I had to return to the USA due to visa issues (I was born in England and immigrated to the USA in 2001 with my family). When I left Brazil I knew that I would be back and one day I would make this country my home.

After eight years of traveling back-and-forth between the USA and Brazil my husband and I are finally settling down in the country that is his home and slowly will become mine. While adjusting to life in Brazil and still learning the language I am exploring different ways to submerge myself into all things Brazilian. Since I first travelled to Brazil in 2005 I have always loved the food of Brazil. I am always looking to try something new, learning how to cook the traditional dishes, and sharing Brazilian food with my American friends. I may not be a professional cook but I have always enjoyed cooking, especially dishes from around the world.

With that being said, I would like to share the food that I love from Brazil with you and teach myself how to cook like a Brazilian. I know how to cook some Brazilian dishes, but there are so many more Brazilian treats that I would like to be able to master. Teaching myself and learning from others I will share the tasty morsels from this beautiful country with you. I will try to simplify things and help you avoid the pitfalls that so often arise through cooking new and different foods.

Together we can all learn to cook like a Brazilian and share these amazing foods with friends!