We learn the most from our mistakes!

A Taste of Brazil (c)I am sure that even Gordon Ramsay messes up recipes sometimes. Come on, he has to, right? Making mistakes and messing up in the kitchen is all part of becoming a good cook. Every chef has made one big mistake in the kitchen or has had a simple recipe go completely wrong or mix up the salt for the sugar. Making mistakes is important to learning how to cook and how to become better at cooking. Actually, making mistakes is part of becoming better at anything.

A Taste of Brazil (c)Just because I post pictures of my successful recipes does not mean that I don’t have complete failures in the kitchen or absolute melt downs. Just ask my husband, he would be more than happy to share the countless times that something has not worked out properly or I have thrown the empty bowl of cake batter across the kitchen. It happens to the best  of us.

I wanted to learn how to cook Brazilian food and I knew that meant that there would be disasters, failures and hair-pulling moments. But, always, along the way there have been wonderful successes. After persevering I have mastered some delicious Brazilian foods and am always hungry for more recipes.

This weekend I had a complete and utter failure in the kitchen. A recipe that should have worked fine was an absolute disaster. Ok, the pão de queijo was edible, but it looked terrible, stuck to the ramekins and had no flavor.

A Taste of Brazil (c)I used my blender pão de queijo recipe that has always worked perfectly for me. But, this weekend absolutely FAILED. Instead of letting this defeat me it motivated me to be more careful with my baking and to analyze whether I couldn’t improve this recipe (see, out of failure comes greatness…hopefully!). I quickly discovered why my recipe probably failed this weekend, it was because I used a different  type of cheese, instead of using a hard cheese I used a creamier cheese. But, still I am now on a mission to see whether this recipe can’t be improved.

So the lesson of the day people is to NEVER, EVER give up!

Failed pão de queijo

The mass of failed pão de queijo!



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