Pan-fried troutI have always loved fish. Growing-up in England, greasy fish and chips served on an old newspaper was a regular on holidays, and I loved it. I have never eaten tons of fish, but a few meals each month wasn’t uncommon for me. But, over the past years I have cut down considerably on fish and since moving to Brazil I have basically stopped eating it all together. I stopped eating fish for a few reasons, one being that it is very expensive here in Brazil, second all the affordable fish seems to come from China and thirdly, our oceans are rapidly being depleted of fish because of fishing!

So, fish was basically off my menu until some months ago when my husband brought home trout.

Trout is very popular in the region where I live and there are quite a number of people who raise trout here. I had eaten it several times at restaurants and really liked it, but never really thought of cooking it at home.

Trout is a simple fish and not too fishy. For anyone who is not keen on strong tasting fish, trout is perfect. It is easy to prepare and best grilled or pan fried.

Pan-fried troutWell, my husband brought home trout and we both went about learning how to prepare it. He bought trout that had not be filleted and so we first needed to learn how to fillet it. I did the cleaning and the descaling of the fish and my husband filleted it.

Once all the fillets were done we seasoned them simply with salt, pepper and garlic. Next, heating a skillet, we pan-fried the fillets, several minutes on each side. Depending on the size of the fillets you will either need to fry a little more or less on each side. Just make sure not to over cook on either side!

We made a simple sauce by melting some butter in the pan that we had fried the fish and squeezing about half a lemon in with it!

This is a simple dish to make and if you buy the trout already filleted it is even easier.

Making Trout BrothIf you buy whole trout you can boil the head, spine and tail to make a fish broth to use at a later time for a fish soup or to include into a moqueca!




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