Christmas Stollen with some Brazilian adaptations

Brazilian StollenWhen I was a child, Christmas at home was never complete without my moms homemade christmas stollen. Breakfast during the holiday season always had stollen and it was always delicious and something that I looked forward to for the whole year. I actually have no memory of my mom baking the stollen, but I have many fond memories of eating it!

Brazilian StollenFor the past years I haven’t managed to do much for christmas. The last two christmas’s I didn’t manage to put up decorations let alone bake christmas cakes, breads or cookies. Finally, this year I have had more time to decorate the house and bake some christmasy items, the most exciting being christmas stollen.

I have never made stollen and decided to follow a recipe from a trusted english recipe book. Although you can find all of the necessary ingredients here in Brazil, I decided to make some changes and “brazilianize” my stollen. They all turned out beautifully and I ended-up giving a lot of them away as christmas presents to neighbors and family. In total I made two large stollens and 12 small ones.

Instead of using rum to macerate the fruit in, I used cachaça. And, instead of using almonds I used Brazil nuts. Just these two changes made the stollen just a bit more Brazilian. To some of my stollens I also added cristalized fig and citron as well as some cherries.

I know this is not a Brazilian recipe by any means, but as it is christmas I thought it would be nice to share a bit of what else is baking in my kitchen besides all of the delicious Brazilian dishes that I share here.

With that, I end  the year 2015 with a stollen recipe from Good Housekeeping. HAPPY NEW YEAR and enjoy the recipe!

Stollen Recipe

Brazilian adaptations:
Substitute the rum for cachaça.
Substitute the almonds for Brazil nuts.
Instead of regular cristalized fruits/peels you can use cristalized figs, cherries, papaya and pineapple.



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