After two years……I’m back!

IMG_3861This morning I decided to make one of my favourite Brazilian desserts, Manjar Branco. I hadn’t made it in a very long time as the last time I made it I had a complete disaster and never wanted to try making it again. But, I tried, and it worked wonderfully. While making the Manjar Branco I thought about A Taste of Brazil and thoght that it was about time to try and restart this blog.

It has been two years since I last posted and a lot has happened during these two years (I won’t tell you everything that has happened here, but definitely some things will come up in the next posts). YES, I am still in Brazil, YES I am still cooking, but, NO I do not have much time for blogging, photography and experimenting with new recipes. However, I am going to try and start posting more regularly and sharing my Brazilian recipes.

In the past the main focus of this blog was for me to learn Brazilian cooking and share my experiences, post recipes and tell people about the foods of Brazil. I intend to continue this, but I will bring more of a focus to rural life and what my husband and I do here on our farm in the south of Minas Gerais.

As some people may remember, my husband and I grow organic vegetables. As you can imagine, farm work has taken me out of the kitchen for the past two years and has kept me super busy. Farm life still continues and still keeps me extremely busy, but I have a lot of new recipes to share and new experiences with old recipes! I also have lots of fun stories about rural life and lots of different experiences to share.

Stay tuned for upcoming recipes and stories about life on my farm.




6 thoughts on “After two years……I’m back!

    • It’s nice to be back! I’m excited to be blogging again and can’t wait to share all of my new recipes, update old ones and tell my many stories from rural life!


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