Rural Brazil – End of the year views from the countryside

Although my blog is relatively new, six months old, and my posts about living in rural Brazil are even newer, I realized that I had not shared any views of the Brazilian countryside. Brazil is a very large country and quite obviously the area where I live, Serra da Mantiqueira, is not representative of the whole country, but, I hope that these photos will give an idea of how one part of the Brazilian countryside looks.

Happy New Year!!!!

I am not always out of bed when the sun rises, but I do manage to catch a lot of beautiful sunrises while lying in bed, waking up, and looking out of my window. Sunrises are one of the most beautiful times of day here in the Serra da Mantiqueira.
sunrise serra da mantiqueira

Fog and mist are a common sight. I always love it when the fog hangs in the valleys and I can see the tops of distant mountains behind the fog.
fog serra da mantiqueira

On sunny days it seems as though we can see for hundreds of miles.Serra da Mantiqueira

Serra da Mantiqueira

Trees and forests are all around. One of my favorite trees is the pinho bravo which is a pine tree native to Brazil that looks as though it is hundreds of years old. Pinho bravo forests are absolutely breathtaking and I am fortunate to have a little area on my farm that has a gathering of these beautiful trees.

Although everything here seems to look very green there are a lot of flowers and I do manage to get out and take photographs of these beautiful colors that dot the landscape.

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Animal life is all around us. Bird songs fill the air from sunrise to sunset. Although rare to see, this little squirrel paid us a visit recently. Squirrel Serra da Mantiqueira

It seems that he was interested in the bird food that we had put out. We were happy to watch him eat and are hoping to see him come back soon. Squirrel Serra da Mantiqueira

Here in the serra da mantiqueira I have been privileged to witness some of the most amazing cloud formations, night skies, and moons.

Serra da Manitqueira

Serra da Mantiqueira


Not only cloud formations, but beautiful rainbows cross from mountain to mountain!

And, because we live in the countryside there is no abundance of animal skulls and bones. This sits on a dead tree stump outside of my house. Slowly more bones are adorning the stump.Skull

And lastly, cloudy days are not uncommon, but the view of the mountains still remains beautiful!Serra da Mantiqueira


9 thoughts on “Rural Brazil – End of the year views from the countryside

    • We miss you guys too and often think back to the wonderful weekend we spent in Vermont. I will be in the USA soon and might be making a trip to Vermont. Hopefully I will manage to stop by. Lots of love to your family and a happy new year.


  1. Beautiful photos! Amazing to see how different the views are at different times of the day and in different types of weather. Hopefully I will get to experience these views soon! Xx


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