Fresh Fruit Juices

Living in Brazil I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have so much fresh fruit available to me, especially in the form of fresh fruit juices. At any restaraunt, padaria (bakery), or lanchonette (snack shop) you can order fresh fruit juices. Depending on the place, your options for fresh fruit juices will change; some will have an endless variety of fresh juices and the simpler places will probably just offer orange juice. But, no matter where you are you can guarantee that you will at least be able to order a fresh orange juice.

Açai Juice (

Açai Juice (

Fresh fruit juices are one thing about Brazil that I absolutely love and feel privileged to have. In the USA your juice options are limited and the chances of finding fresh juices are often next to impossible. And, if you do find somewhere selling fresh fruit juices you are going to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Although I often order fresh fruit juices when I go out to a restaurant or have a snack I often forget about the fruit juice options available to me and I tend to order the same juices every time. I also don’t always mix fruits together which can be easily done and always makes for a really delicious drink. Why I stick to the same juices and don’t mix fruits is probably because I know that I can always do this because these fresh juices are on my doorstep. But, I do need to start trying more juices, even if I CAN do this at any time!

Acerola Juice (

Acerola Juice (

These past two weeks my parents were visiting from the USA and one thing that they could not get enough of was the fresh fruit and the fresh fruit juices. Being with them encouraged me to try new juices and combinations and we all managed to sample a wonderful variety of fruits and juices. At almost every restaurant and snack stop we would see what different juices were available to us and usually we would order at least one new  flavored juice. There were definitely some juices though that got repeated because we liked them so much. Although we didn’t do too much mixing of juices the one mix that my parents did try and absolutely loved was orange and acerola juice. Acerola is a very small fruit that is known for its high vitamin C content. The flavor of acerola is like a very sour orange, but in a good way! (Acerola Wikipedia Link).

The juices we tried were: orange, acerola, guava, pineapple with fresh mint, passion fruit, lemon, acai, graviola, corn, sugar cane, papaya, and blackberry. Because some of these juices were so tasty we ordered them several times causing our list to be a little bit shorter, but, we did pretty well with sampling the different juices.

Pineapple Juice with Mint(

Pineapple Juice with Mint(

One thing my parents noticed, sometimes to their disappointment, was that because a juice was really tasty in one restaurant it did not mean it would be good at the next one. This is something to always remember when in Brazil and ordering fresh fruit juices, or in my case ordering  caipirinhas, everyone makes it a little bit differently. One restaurants passion fruit juice may be absolutely amazingly delicious but the next restaurants may just about be drinkable. Because these juices do not come from a box they will always be different. For me this is one of the excitements of ordering fresh fruit juices (unfortunately it can also be very annoying) along with the endless variety!

8 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit Juices

  1. It is really a privilege to have so many fresh fruits!!! In my house we make a lot of fresh juices, specially for my son, my favourites are pineapple with mint, caju (is there a word in english for caju?) and passion fruit. When we travel abroad drinking fresh juices is one of the things we miss most!! Nice that your parents came to visit you! Did they like Brazil? Have a nice friday!!!

    • Your favorite juices seem to be mine too. Pineapple and mint juice on a hot day is wonderfully refreshing. The caju fruit is called cashew in English. Yes my parents really enjoyed Brazil!

  2. There’s little to beat a lovely fresh juice, and it seem like Brazil is the place to find them. Here in this part of west London, a good juice stop is a Syrian restaurant – their lemon and mint is the ultimate quencher!

    • Brazil is definitely the place to be when trying to find fresh fruit juices. I am looking forward to when I manage to travel to the north of Brazil as they have many different fruits and I can only imagine what the juice selection there will be like.
      Lemon and mint juice sounds wonderfully refreshing. I will have to try that soon!

  3. Pineapple with mint is great, but pineapple with ginger is amazing!!! :D I simple LOVE fresh fruit juices and we make a lot here. Right now it’s mango season so we have mango-lemon juice about everyday (I like a bit of lemon with mango, it add a bit of acidity to the otherwise very round mango flavor). :cool: Here I got to taste and like : cacau, cupuaçu, and cajazinho juice which according to the in-laws it’s unavailable in the south.

    • Mango and lemon sounds delicious. No we can’t find cacau, cupuaçu, and cajasinho juices very easily in the south. When I travel up north I will have to try them:)

  4. This is something my husband really misses here in the states. We went to a restaurant the other day, saw pineapple juice on the menu, ordered, and were given a can. He couldn’t understand that. When we are in Brazil I enjoy juice every chance I can get. So good!

    • There is definitely no way of beating the juices in Brazil. I have had the same experience as you with receiving a can of juice at a restaurant in the USA. Always very disappointing.

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