Salpicão (Chicken Salad)

SalpicãoIf you like tuna salad or egg salad I think you are going to love salpicão.

Salpicão is not something that I have seen around too much or had the opportunity to eat too many times, but I know that it is very popular and it is very tasty. This is so simple to make and can be eaten in so many different ways that there really isn’t any reason not to love it.

The first time I encountered salpicão was on a sandwich my husband ordered. I don’t know why but I wasn’t entirely convinced. However, after trying it I was hooked. Although eating salpicão on a sandwich is tasty I prefer it as a side salad.

SalpicãoWAIT, I haven’t even told you what salpicão is. Simply explained it is a glorified vegetable salad with shredded chicken. Once again there are hundreds of different recipes, but generally salpicão will be made with shredded chicken, carrots, apple, celery, raisins, and mayonnaise. You can eat it on  a sandwich or as a salad or as a cold side.

This is my recipe for salpicão. Although I have given specific measurements for everything you can really do what you want with this recipe. If you want to do more or less of something go ahead. If there is something you want to add to the recipe or take out no one will complain. The great thing with this recipe is that as long as you have the chicken and mayonnaise you can do whatever you want with the rest. One thing I am going to add next time is raisins!


600g cooked and shredded chicken breast
1 large carrot, diced
2 apples, diced
2 cups red grapes, cut small
1 cup cabbage, cut small
2 cup celery, cut small
handful of parsley

SalpicãoBoil the chicken using a pressure cooker or normal pan. Once the chicken is cooked and tender remove from the broth and shred. Set aside to cool. Prepare all of the vegetables and fruit. Place in a large mixing bowl. Combine vegetables, fruit, and chicken. Mix well. Add the parsley, a sufficient amount of mayonnaise, and salt to taste. Mix well and place in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Eat as a side dish, a salad, or on bread!

For a PDF of this recipe CLICK HERE!


5 thoughts on “Salpicão (Chicken Salad)

  1. Yum! I’ve tried this salad many times, and really really liked it, but like many things new, I had forgotten the name! Thanks for the recipe, I’ll try it soon for sure!!! 😀 (the versions I’ve tried didn’t have grapes but raisins, some had tomatoes too, I think).


    • I believe that raisins are more commonly used, but I opted for a little bit of a different version with the grapes. I think I prefer the raisins though!


      • I made this today! My husband who is not a veggie eater had two portions so far… It won’t last long. I omitted the celery because he hates it, and didn’t have any parsley, but it tasted great otherwise. Do people add some green onions? I was wondering if I could replace the strong flavor of the celery with something else… (I like celery, but I can’t imagine myself eating the whole dish by myself because it has celery in it!) 🙂


        • Happy to hear it was such a success. You can definitely use green onions, I am sure they would taste great. As for celery substitutes you could try cucumber (take out the seeds..etc), corn, or cilantro. Hope this helps.


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