Brigadeiro: The sweet that everyone will love

BrigadeiroFinally I am taking the plunge and sharing my recipe for brigadeiro. I still need to keep practicing my brigadeiro-making skills, but, I feel pretty confident that I can at least make brigadeiro  that is not too hard and will hold together to form a ball. If you remember a while ago I was getting exasperated with trying to master the art of making brigadeiro and instead I decided to make avocado ice cream. I ended-up giving my brigadeiro making quite a long break and just picked it up again the other day. Phew, I needed that break! Now that I have finally managed to make the traditional chocolate brigadeiro I can maybe start making different flavors. But, don’t let me get ahead of myself.

Before giving you the recipe for brigadeiro I need to tell you a little bit about what it is. As you might have guessed this is one of those Brazilian sweets that is made with sweetened condensed milk. My new friend, sweetened condensed milk makes everything so much sweeter. Brigadeiro is made with sweetened condensed milk, chocolate powder, and butter. Simple, simple, simple, or so it seems until you try to actually make it and need to learn when the exact point is that you can roll perfect balls that will hold together. Cooking too little will give you brigadeiro mole, soft brigadeiro, and cooking too much will make it hard and inedible. There are only a few seconds while cooking that it is at the ponto, point. This means that you need to know exactly when the brigadeiro is ready to take off the stove to give you beautiful balls that will hold together and will not be hard as rock! Trust me, this is not that easy.

BrigadeiroBrigadeiro is one of those sweets that everyone in Brazil loves. Everyone will have stories to tell you about how their mother made them when they were young, or that they remember how many brigadeiros filled the table on their birthdays! Brigadeiro are commonly served at children’s birthday parties, and it isn’t just one type of brigadeiro that is served, it is usually a whole mountain of them. To me this seems like the best way to make sure the kids run around like crazy and have a great time, hopped up on sugar!

So yes, brigadeiro are commonly served as a children’s sweet, but that doesn’t mean adults don’t enjoy them too. In fact, almost all adults in Brazil love brigadeiro and will take any excuse to eat them. I have joined their ranks and absolutely love brigadeiro and can never get enough of them. I am always eager to try different flavors and, believe me, there is no shortage of different brigadeiro flavors: lavendar, whisky, scotch, pistachio, etc. I can’t wait to make all the different flavors!

BrigadeiroIn theory making brigadeiro is very simple. All you need to do is put the sweetened condensed milk, chocolate powder, and butter into a pan, mix together well and then place over a low heat. Once over the heat all you do is stir and wait until it reaches the ponto where it is perfect for rolling those beautifully tasty balls of sweetened condensed milk and chocolate. But, the process of the cooking is not all that easy. But don’t sweat it, after a couple of tries you will get it and won’t want to stop making them. Are you ready to learn how to make brigadeiro? Ok, let’s do it!

Take a look at my post on beijinho and look at the video to learn exactly when is the right time to take the mixture off the heat. Beijinho and brigadeiro follow exactly the same process, but for some reason I just have a bit of a harder time with making brigadeiro!


1 can of sweetened condensed milk
4 tbsp chocolate powder
1 tbsp unsalted butter
Chocolate or colored sprinkles for decorating
30 mini paper candy cups

Place the condensed milk, chocolate powder, and butter in a stainless steel or aluminium pan. Mix all ingredients together. Place on low to medium heat and stir until the mixture falls all together to one side of the pan. Test this by lifting the pan off the heat and tipping to one side. If the mixture slightly sticks to the bottom of the pan cook a little bit more. If the mixture glues together and does not stick to the pan when slightly tipped, the mixture is ready! Pour mixture into a little greased baking dish and leave to cool for approximately 1 hour. When mixture has completely cooled roll into balls, cover with chocolate or colored sprinkles.

For a PDF of this recipe CLICK HERE!



11 thoughts on “Brigadeiro: The sweet that everyone will love

  1. That’s it ! Right on! I like the kind of sprinkles that you used (though I’d never change my traditional one). It makes the sweet look more “happy”. 😀
    In fact kids will always love it! Congrats!


    • Aryel, I love the traditional chocolate sprinkles too. But, most people make their brigadeiro with the traditional chocolate ones, so I decided it would be more fun to make them look a little bit more colorful!!!!


  2. I don’t really like brigadeiros!!! They are too sweet to me, reminds me of the Canadian/American fudge (albeit prettier). Yours are little beauties, though. 😀


  3. Personally, I’ve given up on rolling traditional brigadeiros. I make brigadeiro de copinho (brigadeiro de colher) so that I can just make it mole and pour it into the cups. lol They’re super cute and festive, and every LOVESSSS them… so I’m happy to make them. But yes, I do wish that I knew that exact point in which the brigadeiro was ready so I could roll them up. Sigh… one day.


    • The great thing with brigadeiro is that if you do not quite get the ponto you can always just make brigadeiro de colher. No matter what happens it will taste delicious!


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