A Vitamin Drink: Papaya, Banana, and Orange

papaya, banana, and orange drinkBrazil has so many delicious fruit juices that it is easy to go wild trying them all. When you order orange juice at a restaurant in Brazil you are going to get fresh orange juice, not the horrible boxed stuff. Mixed juices are common here: orange and acerola,  pineapple and mint, or orange and strawberry to name a few. There are always new mixes to be created! Besides juices, Brazilians have what are called vitaminas literally translated, vitamin. These drinks usually contain milk and a mix of different fruits, the most common being made with papaya, banana, orange, and milk. Just looking at the ingredients you know that this is jam packed with healthy stuff, who needs to pop a vitamin pill when you can have this drink?

Receita de VitaminaAs soon as I learned about the vitamina in Brazil I was hooked and it is now my daily breakfast drink. I like to drink two large glasses every morning, and honestly, there is no better way to start the day than drinking one of these. To make the start to my day even better I like to munch on some warm pão de queijo  as well.

My recipe for vitamina is a little haphazard as I usually measure everything by eye or taste. Sometimes I like my vitamona to be more papaya heavy, other times I like more banana, sometimes I want it very thick, other times more runny! There is no right or wrong really with this drink, it all comes down to how you want it to taste. So, I have given quantities for all of the ingredients, but when you make it do what tastes best to you. As long as you get the ingredients in it will taste great and will give you lots of good VITAMINS!!!!

Some Comments:
> The three things that you MUST have for this drink are papaya, banana, and milk.
> The orange is not always necessary, but does add great vitamin C!
> I sometimes like to substitute the orange with acerola as this has a much higher vitamin C content.
> If you do not drink milk you can use almond milk, rice milk, or oat milk, anything will do!
> I never put sugar in my vitamina, but if you like a sweeter drink add some….!

Receita de VitaminaIngredients

11/2 cups chopped papaya (mamão)
1 banana
Juice of one orange
11/2 cups milk
Sugar to taste

Put the papaya, banana, orange juice, and milk in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a cup and ENJOY!


7 thoughts on “A Vitamin Drink: Papaya, Banana, and Orange

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