100 Things to Try When You Come to Brazil PART 2

Crystallized Fruit Sweets (image from www.maria-brazil.org)

Crystallized Fruit Sweets
(image from http://www.maria-brazil.org)

Last week I shared with you the first part of a list of 100 foods to try when you visit Brazil. This list was originally posted on O Onivore’s and I absolutely love this list. But, as I went through it I noticed some of my favorite foods were missing; there were foods missing from the list that I rave about to friends and family and which I thought just HAD TO be on a list of what to try when you come to Brazil. So, what did I do? I edited this list and added foods that I want all of my friends and family to try when they come to Brazil!

When traveling around Brazil you do need to remember that Brazil is a country full of many, many, many delicious foods and to shrink these tasty foods down into one list of only 100 is a challenge and really can’t quite be done. Wherever you are in Brazil there will be different regional foods that you MUST try. This list is just an attempt to select the best from all over the country. Not having travelled all over Brazil I definitely cannot do all of the regional foods justice.

My simple goal is to help you learn a little bit more about what the MUST HAVE foods are in Brazil. And hopefully over time I will learn to make the majority of foods on this list!

OK, here goes, PART TWO of 100 things to try when you come to Brazil!

51. Espresso/café com leite/media Go to a padaria (bakery) and order espresso, coffee with milk, or media which is half coffee half milk. Brazil is known for their coffee and you can’t miss out when here!
52. Quindim A popular dessert made of egg yolk, sugar, and ground coconut. This is one of MANY egg yolk desserts you can find in Brazil.
53. Sorvete de milho Sweet corn ice cream. Best when it is a popsicle!
54. Bolinho de chuva Literally translated “little rain balls.” This is a deep fried dough sprinkled with icing sugar.
55. Caruru Common in Bahia this is made from okra, onion, shrimp, palm oil, and toasted nuts.
56. Frango com quiabo This is chicken with okra.
57. Leitão á pururuca A suckling pig. Called pururuca because the skin is all crackly!
58. Canjica doce Sweet corn pudding with milk and peanuts.  Delicious.  Often served in the June festivals — festas juninhos – or to new mothers.
59. Pinhão A nut from the Araucária tree. Delicious to eat right after they have been boiled!
60. Vinho quente Warm red wine. Common during the June festivals – festos juninhos.
61. Choppe Beer. Simple beer served at a bar. Ask for claro (light) or escuro (dark).
62. Cachaça artesanal de qualidade Artisan quality cachaça. Cachaça is sugar cane liquor!
63. Moqueca A fish stew made from the north of Brazil, Espirito Santo and Bahia. Made with fish, tomato, garlic, onions, and cilantro. Some recipes use coconut milk! One of the best seafood stews you can get.
64. Mandioca frita Fried yucca/cassava.
65. Broa de fubá Small yellow corn bread, commonly eaten with coffee.
66. Requeijão cremoso No way to really explain this, accept that it is the Brazilian version of cream cheese (but it is NOTHING like cream cheese)
67. Queijo de Minas fresco Fresh cheese from Minas Gerais. It is sold in other parts of the country. White, soft, and mild in flavour!
68. Misto quente Simple sandwich, this is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.
69. Doce de leite cremoso & em cubos Made from sweetened condensed milk this is sold in a creamy form or in cubes. You can find the ‘creamy’ doce de leite with bits of fruit in it, so delicious.
70. Tutu a Mineira A full meal, this comes with beans that are mixed with manioc flour and have a heavier consistency than the simple Brazilian beans, rice, collards, sausage, fried egg, deep-fried pork belly, and pork chop.
71. Brigadeiro A sweetened condensed milk and chocolate bonbon.
72. Acerola A small berry-like fruit with lots of vitamin C. Order suco de acerola (acerola juice) or for even more vitamin C try suco de acerola e laranja (acerola and orange juice).
73. Bobó de camarão A shrimp stew.
74. Pudim de leite condensado “Condensed milk pudding.” This is similar to flan but sweeter!
75. Manjar de coco A sweet coconut pudding.
76. Refigerante de Guaraná Antartica Guaraná soft drink!
77. Coxinha Potato pastry filled with chicken and deep fried. It is shaped into a chicken drumstickJ!
78. Caldo de mocotó Bone marrow broth.
79. Romeu e Julieta A slice of goiabada, guava jelly, and fresh cheese. This is commonly served as a dessert.
80. Chimarrão Very common in the south of Brazil. This is the maté tea drank from a gourd with a metal straw. Really great on cold days!
81. Bem Casado A small sweet snack usually sold wrapped in colored crepe paper. This is a doce de leite sponge sandwich!
82. Jabuticaba A deep purple grape-like fruit that grows on the trunk of the tree. You do not eat the skin, instead pop the gelatinous pit inside your mouth and eat it. Delicious and tons of fun to eat while picking off the tree!
83. Bolinho de Bacalhau Deep-fried cod balls. Great to eat by the ocean, for an appetizer, or with beer!
84. Beirute Usually a large sandwich made with pita bread, ham/roast beef/largato fatiado (eye of round), cheese, fried egg, lettuce, and tomato.
85. Caldinho de feijão Bean broth!
86. Milho assado Grilled corn. This is not the sweet sweet corn of the northern hemisphere. Instead is a little duller in color, has a harder consistency, and a milder sweet flavor. Very tasty when lounging on the beach.
87. Caju The fruit, not the nut!
88. Maracuja Passion fruit. Served in many different dishes, try this as a juice or mousse.
89. Americano The PERFECT lunch sandwich: ham, cheese, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, and lots of mayonnaise!
90. Pão na chapa Basically toasted bread! Commonly served at padarias and a perfect breakfast or afternoon snack. You can order it with butter!
91. Kibbe A Lebanese snack made with bulgar, onion, and usually ground beef. Very commonly eaten in São Paulo, and one of my personal favorites!
92. Batida Sweet fruit drink, this is made with fruit, sweetened condensed milk, and cachaça!
93. Croquete A savory snack, deep fried dough filled with meat!
94. Beijinho Sweetened condensed milk and coconut sweet. Delicious and excellent when craving a sweet snack.
95. Pão de batata com catupiry Potato bread filled with catupiry ( a soft cheese).
96. Doce crystalizada de frutas Crystallized fruit sweets. These are made with all fruits and even vegetables. All are delicious and worth trying, although they are very sweet. Here are my suggestions: coconut, coconut with passion fruit, red potato, pumpkin!
97. Queijandinha Sweet snack made of coconut, condensed milk, and egg!
98. Agua de coco This is the real thing when at the beach. Usually served in the green coconut itself, this keeps you hydrated and tastes wonderful on a warm day.
99. Picole de Abacate Avocado popsicle. Delicious to eat at the beach!
100. Bananada A banana sweet.

To Print a PDF for Your Travels CLICK HERE!

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8 thoughts on “100 Things to Try When You Come to Brazil PART 2

  1. Thank you, I love your blog, too – and I’m definitely going to try to check some of these 100 points! The main reason I’m here is my boyfriend, so I guess I’m coming back after my 90 days I have to spend abroad. And travelling around is definitely the plan, but the country is so huge!
    For how long have you already been here?
    Have a great Sunday!


    • I hope you get to eat a lot of food while you are here. Churrascaria is a must – that is if you eat meat!
      I officially moved to Brazil at the beginning of May with my Brazilian husband, but I have been coming to Brazil since 2005!
      It is a big country so don’t try to see it all in 90 days. I haven’t seen half of the country yet. When it gets a little warmer make sure to go to Ilha Bella it is beautiful.
      Brazilian boyfriend?


  2. Haha, I guess I’m already doing good on the whole “eat a lot of food” part of my stay here. And I love barbecue!
    May I ask what you are doing here? I’m still trying to find some work, but I don’t really know where to start…
    And yes, my boyfriend is brazilian, he lives here.
    We’re close to Ilha Bella this weekend actually, we’re going to Baleia – so let’s see wether we make it there or not 😉


    • Churrasco is amazing! My husband and I have an organic farm three hours north of São Paulo. We specialize in growing baby leaf lettuce! We are in São Paulo a lot at the moment but with the warmer weather we will be permanently on our farm at the end of September! I am a social worker, but am working towards getting my masters in Nonprofit Management. Besides farming it is my hope to do some community work in the area where our farm is located.
      I hope you make it to Ilha Bella. If you do head to some of the northern most beaches, they are beautiful and quiet!


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