Bolo de Cenoura – A Brazilian Carrot Cake

Brazilian carrot cakeWhen I was young I used to look forward to September 26th every year. September 26th was my sister Rianne’s birthday and each year my mom baked a carrot cake for her birthday (maybe she only did this one year, but in my memory it was every year). My mom’s carrot cake was my favorite cake of the year. I loved the spices in the cake and the bits of grated carrot. It was the grated carrot that made me fall in love with this cake. I thought it was so funny to have bits of carrot in a cake, yet at the same time I absolutely loved it. I have tried endlessly to reproduce my mom’s carrot cake, but with little success!

When my husband told me about the Brazilian carrot cake, my first response was ‘whats the point if there are no bits of carrot?’ The thing with the Brazilian carrot cake is that the carrot has been liquified, and instead of seeing or chewing on bits of carrot it is all blended into the now orange cake. But, as I knew from experience, Brazilian cakes are always very tasty, light, and simple. So clearly I knew that this was a cake I needed to try.

Brazilian carrot cakeIt took me years to try the Brazilian carrot cake, but a few weeks ago I was able to try it. My mother-in-law and I went out to get some food for lunch a while ago and while choosing which pasta and dessert we wanted to take home she chose an orange looking cake covered with chocolate to go along with our coffee that afternoon. I didn’t catch what type of cake it was and didn’t think to ask at the time; it looked tasty and that was good enough for me. When we sliced into the cake the color was a beautiful golden, it was fluffy, and smelled amazing. Yes, the Brazilian carrot cake lived up to my expectations and once again managed to impress. After trying the cake I knew that I needed to learn how to make this Brazilian specialty. So that’s just what I did!

What I love about this Brazilian carrot cake, and most Brazilian cakes, is that they are very simple to make. Most Brazilian cakes are made in a blender and take less than 15 minutes to put together. Most often you just need to put your ingredients in the blender, turn it on, empty into a baking tin, and bake. Simple!

I started this cake with the full intention of only using the blender. It turned out that when adding the dry ingredients to the wet the blender stopped working because the batter was too heavy. A note to myself and those who can’t wait to try this recipe – don’t use the blender for the whole cake, just for the wet ingredients. Once I mixed the wet and dry ingredients by hand everything started to go much smoother. The chocolate glaze is supposed to be a hard shell over the cake. If you prefer soft and runny chocolate skip the last oven part! The cake will be just as yummy. This was a simple cake to make and tasted absolutely amazing. Next time I make it I will remember to add more carrots though; I could have done with a stronger carrot flavor.

Brazilian carrot cakeIngredients 

2 large carrots
1 cup oil
2 cups white sugar
2 cups white flour
2 eggs
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp lemon rind
pinch of salt

4 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp white sugar
2 tbsp milk

Cake: peel the carrots, chop into small chunks, and place in a blender together with the oil. Add the eggs, one at a time, continuing to blend until a smooth liquid. Pour carrots, oil, and eggs into a large bowl. Mix in the sugar, flour, baking powder, lemon rind, and salt. Pour mixture into a cake tin that has been buttered and floured. Bake in a 375F oven for 30-40 minutes.

Topping: Mix the cocoa powder, sugar, and milk until it is a very smooth consistency. When the cake is taken out of the oven, immediately remove from the tin and place on a plate. Cover the cake with the glaze and return to the warm oven, make sure the oven is turned off. Leave the cake in the oven with the door open for 15-20 minutes.  

Brazilian carrot cakeNow the question I keep asking myself, and I am sure you will ask me, which carrot cake is better, my mom’s or the Brazilian? To be honest, I cannot say. Both are very tasty and both are very different! I will always like those bits of carrot in my mom’s carrot cake and will always love the simplicity of the Brazilian carrot cake.

I look forward to hearing about what you think of this carrot cake.

For a PDF of this Recipe CLICK HERE!

*Recipe from Delicias da Cozinha Deliciosa*


12 thoughts on “Bolo de Cenoura – A Brazilian Carrot Cake

    • No powdered sugar is not the same as white sugar. Powdered sugar is more commonly used in icings. This recipe requires white sugar!


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  2. Saskia,
    Growing up in Brazil, my mother use to make carrot cake it in the afternoons for us (her 4 kids) It was so good, there would be none leftover. Now I live in the USA, and I asked my mother for her old recipes, but as you probably experienced, in Brazil some people don’t follow recipes. Because they just know how to do it “no olhometro” and the worse part being, when they tell you to “keep an eye on it and if the cake is golden brown you can turn the oven off” (they have all day to be looking at a cake in the oven, I don’t and I like to set the timer so I know when its done).
    Well, I just wanted to tell you how DELICIOUS this cake recipe is, and I have baked it so many times!! Its reminds me so much of my mothers carrot cake!! Thank you! Thank you! IT’s REALLY THE BEST CARROT CAKE EVER!!!
    My kids and husband love it too, a true favorite in our house! 🙂


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